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IT solutions that are affordable and developed with the highest care. Solutions that exceed all your expectations and demands.

Our services

Starting from services like an app (mobile) to a fully customized website. We have experience in all kind of IT related technologies.
Here are some cases that matches perfectly within our specialties:

  • You are in need of a new corporate website or a specific website for a new product?
  • You‘re looking for a new webmaster who can take your digital footprint to the next level?
  • You are in need of some custom software or extensions on your current system?
  • You want to be represented in the mobile market? Web, Android, Windows Phone?


Windows Phone


We got what it takes to get you in the new era where technology is the key!

About Kennyman & Vanrusselt

UsHello, my name is Kenny Vanrusselt and I‘m the beating heart of Kennyman & Vanrusselt. Thanks to the experience with big companies and their projects, we can integrate the professionalism into smaller projects without the extra cost. We strive to this degree of quality so that our first project together can be the start of a partnership for many years to come.

Let us help you by creating a solid and affordable IT solution, developed within deadline with the quality your company represents.

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